Saturday, May 28, 2016



 Between 2010 and 2013 I was followed by ducks here is an account:


21 September 2010:
They dropped in and I made the mistake of feeding them and they stayed for three years 

 23 September 2010

They were waiting for me this morning when I got up - I don't like the way they look at me

They keep pointing and giggling - I don't like it!


Still hanging around


Paid me a visit on my birthday - which was nice of them

 ...but they came the next day starting to wear out their welcome

 trying to drive the car out - they were at the end of my driveway

Then it started to get creepy, they kept looking at me and were always just over my shoulder; or at least it stated to feel like it...they just stared and it was starting to get to me...


Their visits began to escalate  

and they kept watching and getting closer

When I went to work, they were there in the morning watching and waiting, waiting and watching my every move

Watching me, seeing me, calculating my movements  from every vantage point - the dark shadow of the ducks haunted my every move


I couldn't sit out the back yard without them staring at me - 
I still don't know what they were thinking?!

 Eventually I snapped and told them where they could get off and they were deeply offended - I felt remorseful and yet slightly relieved

 Over a drink or two we finally made amends and peace reigned once again - it turned out to be a misunderstanding and my people and their people were able to work out a mutually beneficial solution. Peace reigned in the land once again. Ducks and people were able to roam free unhindered by the shackles of suspicion to fly to walk and to eat the putrid moss found on the rock of creek beds once again. I believe there is a moral in this for us all somehow - though I'm not sure yet what it is.

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